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Company Events

  • 2021
    FYOTEC won the China
    "Cigarette Packaging Innovation Supplier" award

  • 2020
    CDH Investments completed the
    strategic acquisition of FYOTEC

  • 2019
    FYOTEC completed its 7th production expansion

  • 2018
    FYOTEC entered the high security market on a large scale

  • 2017
    FYOTEC was identified as "Guangdong Special Materials
    and Applied Engineering Technology Research Center"

  • 2016
    The company's 20th anniversary,
    proposed "New start, New Surpass"

  • 2014
    High-brightness pigment was successfully developed

  • 2013
    The company's new trademark "FYOTEC" officially announced

  • 2012
    Magnetic optical changeable effect pigment
    and application technology officially released

  • 2011
    MirrorAL was successfully developed

  • 2010
    Moved into the new factory, Magnetic optical
    changeable effect pigment was successfully developed

  • 2005
    Won "High-tech Enterprise" in Guangdong Province

  • 2001
    Got the first order

  • 1999
    Mass production of optical changeable effect pigment

  • 1998
    Established coating laboratory and
    Developed optical changeable effect film

  • 1996

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