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Shining Diamond Texture Ink

Shining Diamond Texture Ink

Shining diamond texture ink is a special effect ink that combines color shifting with texture.



01.Stereoscopic texture, thick to touch

After double-curing, the ink film is thick and stereoscopic, the thickness of the ink layer stack exceeds 60 μm, and the surface shows undulating texture, which brings thick visual and unique touch feeling to the printed graphics.

02.Metallic texture, brilliant colors

The high metallicity and high color purity of the optical changeable effect pigments endow the ink with a prominent metallic texture. Diamond-like sparkles and brilliant colors can be observed under the light, so it is named Shining Diamond Texture Ink.

03.Color shifting with different angles

With the visual angle changing, you can observe the color change and switching, which is still the familiar and intimate feeling that optical changeable effect ink brings to you.

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