Magnetic Optical Changeable Effect Pigment/Ink

Magnetic Optical Changeable Effect Pigment——MagOri®

MagOri® is the latest patented product of FYOTEC. The pigments have the functions of color change and magnetic induction. The printed matter can produce double special effects of 3D motion and color change with different viewing angles. The process is complex and has higher anti-counterfeiting value.
Our company has obtained a series of patent authorizations on this product and application process:
Patent:ZL 2009 1 0104837.X、Patent:ZL 2012 1 0105940.8、
Patent:ZL 2017 1 0214258.5、Patent:ZL 2019 1 0939522.0、
Utility model patents:ZL 2019 2 2445652.7 .,etc

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