New Arrivals

New Arrivals


Security Printing, Brand Protection, Decoration, Personal Cosmetics

OCEP ® /MagOri ®

Ink has a directly and easily identifiable feature, which is the international mainstream anti-counterfeiting technology, applying to the banknote level.

OCEP ® /MagOri ®

Ink is widely used in various security printing, such as certificates, cards, banknotes, labels etc, providing high recognition of the public anti-counterfeiting means.

OCEP ® /MagOri ®

Ink gives unique visual beauty and identifiable feature on the package of products, which perfectly combines special effects with security elements, widely applied to the middle-end and high-end product packaging, such as cigarette and alcohol.


Structural color pigment has a bright and sparkling metallic texture, and can also provide a variety of color-shifting and fantastic color effects, widely used in makeup, nail painting and other personal cosmetics products.


Structural color pigment has the characteristics of high chroma, high color purity and high glitter, which is used in decorative applications of various processes such as spraying, injection molding, coating, etc., giving products a unique color and texture.


MirrorAL® Paste/Ink has highly reflectivity and stronger metallic luster. It can reach mirror-like effect (Reverse Printing) and metallic texture (Surface Printing), which are widely used in packaging, cosmetic bottles, the transparent film label, auto parts, metal parts, plastic parts etc.

News in Brief

Follow the moments of FYOTEC, and share the lastest industry news.

  • FYOTEC participates in SDS forum with latest technology

    2019-12-18 FYOTEC

    FYOTEC brought new products and new technologies such as newly developed optical changeable inkjet inks and new generation magnetic optical changeable effect pigment to the forum.

  • FYOTEC participated in the 2019 SDW London

    2019-06-20 FYOTEC

    FYOTEC participated in the 2019 SDW London exhibition on June 11-13, 2019. In this exhibition, except the OCEP and 2nd generation product-MagOri, FYOTEC demonstrate the most update product-Optical Changeable Effect Inkjet Ink(LCJT®)

  • Congratulations to FYOTEC winning the group competition


    On October 13, 2018, the 13th Men's Basketball Tournament of the Huayang Group Trade Union officially opened, and later closed on November 3. During the competition, FYOTEC Basketball Team passed through the finals with a five-game winning streak.

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